Sublimation Product Recommendations

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Ecotank Printer for Beginners: Epson ET 2800



Convection baking is key for a uniform transfer- make sure any oven you buy has a convection or "heat circulation" setting to avoid discoloration from uneven heating (some areas getting burned while others appear undercooked)

*Both of these options will fit 40oz tumblers- always remove plastic handles before heating!

PYD Life: Sublimation Oven

Oster XL: Convection Oven



8.5 in x 11in Sublimation Paper: A-Sub 125g Sublimation Paper

This is my favorite weight (thickness) of A-sub paper for accomplishing clean seam lines on tumblers

Wide Heat Resistant Tape: 20mm Heat Resistant Tape - 2 Pack

Tape Dispenser: Heat Tape Dispenser - 1 or 3 Inch Rolls

Heat Resistant Gloves: Heat Resistant Gloves - 1 Pair

You will definitely want heat resistant gloves for sublimation!



Vegetable Glycerin- 32 fl oz: 32 fl oz Vegetable Glycerin 

(this is the best price per oz if you are buying less than 1 gallon)

Vegetable Glycerin - 1G: 1 Gallon of Vegetable Glycerin

Gorilla Glue Dots: Varying Quantities

Glue dots are a great way to seal the hole on snowglobe tumblers before sealing with epoxy/resin

Glow in the Dark Powder Pigments - 12 colors: Glow Powder

UV Light to Cure UV Resin: UV Light
(I have been using two of these lights without issues for over a year)


Polar Bear Figurines- Assorted Sizes: Mini Polar Bears 

Even the larger sizes in this package will fit inside the lids, so there is no waste!



Made By Johnny Skirt: Stretchy Skater Skirt 90% Polyester 10% Spandex



Fleece Blanket available in white, linen or pastel colors: Fleece Blanket

-Available in multiple sizes from baby blanket to king size bed

Baby Blanket with Various Textures - variety of light colors available: Textured Baby Blanket

Tie Dye Fleece Blankets - Multiple Colors: Tie Dye Fleece Blanket

- Multiple Sizes from baby to twin size bed

Throw or Twin Size - Textured: Textured Fleece Blankets

Sublimation Puzzles with Shimmer Effect: 

Round Sublimation Puzzles - Set of 10

Heart Shaped Puzzles - Set of 10




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